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School corporation certified child institution


Fuji Central Kindergarten is a kindergarten-type certified children's institution specializing in children over 3 years old. Founded March 5, 1995 Capacity 120 people

創立 1995年 3月 5日
利用定員 130名程度

The future of children begins here

Life is long. However, that is why kindergarten, which is the first place for children to live in society, is important. However, kindergarten should not be a cram school to prepare for good grades in elementary school.

The ability to feel, think, and create is nurtured by the richness of childhood life in every sense. It is only in the kindergarten that we strongly desire as a place of life that children will take for granted a "rich and human-like life" on their own.

I am convinced that the future of children will open up brightly from there.

Director Naoki Kobayashi




園長 小林直樹 

Our educational vison
Educational goals of Fuji Central Kindergarten

​ Cultivate a rich lifestyle


​ See, hear, feel

Feeling thought
​ The body to create

Create and share
​ Rejoice companion


Hope, the child's appearance is ... full of energy

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Our treasure island
ordinal song ♫


Annual schedule
one-year plan

学校法人 眞蹊樹小林学園
​認定こども園 富士中央幼稚園


113-15, Tadehara, Fuji Shi, Shizuoka Ken, 416-0931, Japan

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