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(Important) We cannot respond to any requests regarding photography. Please read it after understanding in advance.

・ Shoot within a limited time so as not to interfere with educational activities. Please note that children's photos may not be posted. We will continue to take the opportunity to shoot and post.

・ In order to give you a sense of the child's appearance and atmosphere, we may post photos that are out of focus. Please make your own judgment when applying.

・ The image quality of the photos posted on the website is coarser than the original photos. On the other hand, even if it looks good on a computer, the color and brightness of the actual photo may be inferior.

-When printing, the left and right or top and bottom of the photo may be cut off. Please be aware.

・ After applying, please be assured that you will receive the item without the mark at the bottom right.

→ Please be aware of these when placing an order.

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